spelling_beespelling_bee_2016_2Sara Marrocolo is the winner of Liceo Majorana’s Inaugural Spelling Bee, Second Place went to Enrica Scapin with Arianna Palazzi coming in Third. Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done.

spelling_bee_2016_2Ten rounds had been foreseen but everyone had studied so hard and were doing so well that 12 rounds were held. The other participants were: 1L1 Bordino Elenora, Manca Chiara, Mocanu Stefania, Mocetti Sofia, Paris Matteo, Silvi Ludovica; 1L2 Cesaretti Margherita, D’Aniello Raffaele, Icardi Alessandra, Magi Chiara, Moscatelli Azzurra, Paiolo Gaia, Prosperini Giacomo, Rainone Angelo, Saltimbanco Aurora, 1SAL Brinza Mihaela, Ceban Valeria, Clipa Gabriella, Micillo Antonietta, Mocetti Irene, Vegari Veronica. My thanks to all of you for the time, effort and the good work you put into this event.